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H/D LDWS Round 5 - Week 6 Results

I want to post this while LJ allows me in....banners will be added tomorrow. Sorry!! ADDED!

♥ The Results of Week Six of the H/D LDWS
have been tallied! ♥

Thank you to everyone who participated by writing, by reading and voting. We hope you enjoyed the drabbles this week, .

And the winner of Week 6 is ...

We have a winner! And it's oldenuf2nb who won with her drabble "How to Save a Life", which has Harry utter the most beautiful declaration of love - We found our way to each other this time. We’ll do it again.” - when he has to make a heartbreaking decision.

Congratulations, oldenuf2nb! ♥

art courtesy of oldenuf2nb | banner by sassy_cissa

This week, one participant was eliminated from the challenge. With a sad heart we say good-bye to ms_hecubus who wrote "No Quarter Given". Thank you so much, Ms Hecubus, for participating in this round of the H/D LDWS. We are very sorry to see you go, and we hope you enjoy the remaining weeks of the LDWS. ♥ ♥ ♥

art courtesy of oldenuf2nb | banner by sassy_cissa

Please save your banners to your computer or on a photo hosting website. Thank you!

If anyone missed the four gorgeous drabbles about how lovers may or may not use the Obliviate Memory Charm, you can find the Week 6 drabbles here.

Authors' names have been added to the voting post.

Next week is the Semi-Finals: The prompt for Week 7 will go up on Friday.

Your mods –
sassy_cissa and vaysh

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