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12 February 2013 @ 08:18 pm
H/D LDWS Round 5 - Week 2 voting post- CLOSED  
♥ Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing Round 5 ♥
Week Two Drabbles

The prompt this week was:

Week 2 prompt
Art created by oldenuf2nb | banner by sassy_cissa

Prompt for Week 2: Bat-Bogey Hex
Required word count: 300 to 400 words

Drabbles Week 2: Bat-Bogey Hex

Author: ms_hecubus
Title: Snapshots
Rating: G
Warnings: EWE
Word Count: 339

A picnic at The Burrow. Harry finds himself smiling as he watches Ginny's oldest hit her cousin Hugo with a Bat Bogey Hex. It reminds him so much of her mother as a girl that his heart aches for what might have been.

A night at the pub with Seamus and Dean. Harry notices the little things. The way they lean into each other, the smiles full of shared meaning, the way their constant awareness of each other. Their every move screams love. And through the joy he feels for them tears prick at his eyes.

An afternoon shopping at Diagon Alley. Harry watches a white blonde head make its way through the crowds. He thinks back on a boyhood filled with smirks, and insults, and plots, and competition, and flashing silver eyes. He stops suddenly, overcome with longing, and an understanding of how it's possible to miss something you never had.

An evening at the Ministry's Christmas Ball. Harry stands alone, hot and uncomfortable in his dress robes. Couples whirl by in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors, smiles lit upon mouth and eyes. Across the room he watches a long, elegant hand cradle a champagne flute. His eyes travel upward in time to see a golden eyebrow quirk as a charmed sprig of mistletoe appears over platinum head. He leaves before he can see who claims the kiss.

At midnight on New Year's Eve. Harry stares at the magical fireworks exploding overhead. The sounds of the revelers barely filter through the white noise in his head. As others laugh and kiss and share wishes for the year to come he closes his eyes and allows himself to drift through the snapshots in his head. He looks; not at the scenes filled with family and friends, but to the background, the edges, things not quite in focus. What he remembers outside of that pictured is as telling as the memories vivid. He isn't sure how to change, but knows he can no longer live with his photo album incomplete.

Author: unbroken_halo
Title: Hardwired Hexes
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slightly twisted canon
Word Count: 400 (4 X 100)

"Will you be our surrogate?" Harry inquired.

Draco knew this had been a bad idea and ducked the spell that came their way. Ginny's voice rang out, calling them every name she could think of and a few Draco had never even heard before. He'd been party to Ginny's most proficient Bat-Bogey hex and didn't desire a repeat experience.

He was glad he'd cast the Muffling Charm on the room before they started because Harry's shouts were almost as loud as Ginny's.

"That's enough!" Draco shouted and ventured out from under the table. "Will you do it or not?"



Bobbing around assorted mundane and magical curses, Harry encouraged Ginny. "Just a bit longer, love!"

The medi-wizards continued to work, mostly oblivious, to the chaos around them while Draco attempted to keep them safe. He'd had no idea the Bat-Bogey hex could be cast wandlessly. "Harry, I don't think—"

Ginny snarled then let out a groan. "This is entirely your fault! Damned fertility potion!"

Another wail joined in cacophony of sound and the curses stopped immediately. Draco, Ginny and Harry stared at the crying child on Ginny's belly.

"Go on, then. She's yours," Ginny panted. "Cut the cord together."


Draco cradled Lily close to his chest, staring down at her in wonder. She was perfect; ten toes and fingers, creamy, pale skin. Bright silver-blue eyes watched him in return. Despite all the fighting, Ginny had gifted them with a lovely child.

Harry reached in and brushed a finger over her brow, moving back the black fringe off her face. Leaning closer, he pressed his lips to Draco's. "She gave us a beautiful daughter."

"Of course, she's gorgeous; even poor pureblood genes breed true."

Harry made certain Lily was out of the way before casting a Bat-Bogey hex on Draco.


"Lily Luna! Come back here this instant!"

Draco arched a brow as he saw his naked daughter streak past his office, giggling like a mad woman. He could hear Harry shouting again and moved to see what was causing the commotion.

Eyes widening, Draco retreated into his office, clapping clapped a hand over his mouth to hold in his laughter. Flying bogeys circled Harry's head as he stumbled down the hallway.

"What did you do?" Draco choked out. Fumbling for his wand, he cast the counter-charm.

Harry glared at him. "Apparently bath time is now torture."

"Like mother, like daughter."

Author: witchyemerald
Title: Crossfire
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 399

"Draco, love, calm down," Harry begged, following his boyfriend into their living room.

"I won't calm down Harry! Tonight was a disaster!" Draco sunk into the sofa, more deflated then angry.

Harry didn't argue, tonight was a disaster, and he felt guilty since he convinced Draco to attend the Weasley's Sunday dinner. Harry dating Draco had never been a secret. It was a weekly topic at the Burrow, usually ending with, "Are you going to bring him around Harry?" Hell, even Ron had told Harry his happiness mattered most.

So, Harry asked, begged, and bribed Draco, and on the next Sunday, Harry came with Draco at his side. Outside, he may have worn the Malfoy mask, but Harry knew Draco's heart was beating like a scared bunny. The Malfoy and Weasley feud made it difficult to walk into your enemy's camp, even when both sides were working on reconciliation.

Everything was going fine, until Ginny and George got into a complete hex-casting fight over a game of Exploding Snap of all things. Any Weasley, born or adopted, knew when wands came out, it was best to duck and cover until Molly restrained the troublemakers. Unfortunately, Draco found himself in the crossfire and the recipient of one of Ginny's infamous Bat-Bogey Hexes.

Hurt and embarrassed, Draco ran for home as soon as the hex could be canceled. Harry followed, allowing Molly to give her "idiotic offspring" a good tongue-lashing.

Now, Harry arranged his lover on the sofa, so Draco's head lay in Harry's lap, carding his fingers through Draco's hair, giving him time to relax. Draco could pull off sarcasm and indifference well, but in truth, he had difficultly expressing his true feelings. That was one reason why they worked so well together.

Harry knew tonight was important for Draco; he wanted Harry's adoptive family to like him.

"You know, tonight doesn't change anything. The Weasley think you're brilliant just because you make me happy. In fact, Molly was reprimanding her children when I left. Watch, tomorrow you'll have two apologetic redheads with a basket of Molly's cookies at the door."

Draco sniffed a little which made Harry smile; he had Draco attention, "But remember, I love you, Draco Malfoy."

Draco looked into Harry's green eyes, telling Draco just how much he was loved. "I love you too Harry, even if you come saddled with a band of boisterous redheads."

Author: sophia_clark
Title: Slytherin, After All
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: 400

Harry was just sitting down to relax after a long day at work when he heard the front door burst open and then slam shut again a moment later. That could only mean one thing-

"Draco? What's wrong?"

"Wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong, Potter." Draco stomped into their living room, his arms akimbo and his usually pristine hair a mess. He was scowling so deeply Harry worried he'd pull a facial muscle. "Apparently it isn't enough that I donated my family's money to that orphanage or helped rebuild Hogwarts, no! Evidently I haven't yet done enough to pay my debt to society."

Harry stood and slowly approached Draco, not wanting to startle him. He could see the beginnings of a rant coming on, and he wanted to calm Draco down before things got too crazy. He lightly placed his hands on Draco's shoulders and steered him towards the couch. When they were sitting he began to rub soothing circles down Draco's arms.

"Draco, breathe. You and I both know that you've done more than enough for the Wizarding World since the war. You don't owe anyone anything, so what brought all this on?"

Some of the tension had left Draco's shoulders as Harry rubbed, but at his words, his eyes flashed steel and his nostrils flared.

"Some idiot at the pub thought he'd play hero and hexed me when my back was turned. All I heard was, 'Death Eater scum!' before it hit. Apparently the Bat-Bogey is quite popular with drunken arseholes, because everyone except for Pansy was laughing their head off. Bloody bunch of wankers. But they got what they deserve, don't you worry."

Now it was Harry who needed to calm down. With a surge of anger, he shot up and was almost in the hall when Draco caught him and spun him around.

"Those bastards! I'll hex all of them into dung beetles right now. Let me go!"

With a smirk, Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and smashed their mouths together in a demanding kiss. After a few minutes he brought a hand down to palm Harry through his trousers.

"Personally, I'd much rather you channel that energy into a more...pressing matter. Besides," he led Harry down the hall towards their bedroom, still smirking, "Pansy hexed all their pricks neon green. We may be reformed, but we are still Slytherins, after all."

Author: oldenuf2nb
Title: Truth And Consequences
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word Count: 385

Draco was livid.

That spawn of Satan, literally, had disfigured his heir. He couldn't even bring
himself to look at Scorpius. His beautiful skin was covered with… mucus.
Screeching, flapping mucus. He pinned the dark haired, green eyed culprit with
his steeliest glare, and the brat glared back. Well, clearly the apple hadn't fallen
far from the paternal tree. Like father, like son.

The fire flared bright green, and the juvenile menace's father emerged from
the flames, red Auror robes swirling, messy black hair blowing and green eyes
reflecting the floos bright glow. Magic crackled around him like static electricity.
Damn him.

"Auror Potter," the Head Mistress said. "We have a situation."

Draco sneered. "We have a terrorist."

"Terrorist?" One of Potter's dark brows arched. "Looks like a simple bat-bogey
hex to me. Scarcely anything permanent." He pinned his offspring with a look.

The boy grimaced uncomfortably, but uttered the counter curse. Instantly, the
cacophony of squeakiness ceased, and Scorpius' complexion cleared.

"Now, what is this all about?" Potter used his 'Head Auror' tone, and Draco

"Your son is a menace. Clearly he learned that particular form of torture from
your wife."

"Ex-wife," Potter said without sparing him a glance. "Albus, I'm waiting." Mini-
Potter scowled and shook his head. Potter's eyes narrowed. "Albus -- " Even
Draco felt a chill at the frost in his tone. "-- I'm. Waiting."

Little Potter's mouth worked. "Fine," he burst out. "He said you take it up the
arse, okay? He said you're queer and you take it up the arse."

Potter stiffened.

Draco had seen the papers, of course. But… "Scorpius! Is that true?"

Scorpius' smirked, and he gestured to Potter. "Ask him."

Draco was horrified. "Apologize," he said flatly.



Scorpius, clearly mortified, mumbled an insincere apology to the other boy.

"And now to the Head Auror."

For the first time, his son looked nervous.

"I apologize --," Draco glared, "—sir."

The Headmistress stood. "Detention, gentlemen. With me, every night this

The boys shuffled, shame-faced, towards the door.

"Mr. Potter," Draco called, and they turned back, little Potter warily.

"For future reference," he lifted his chin, "Scorpius' father takes it up the arse
too." He smiled thinly. "And he likes it."

"Father!" Scorpius squeaked.

Mini-Potter grinned.

The Head Auror caught his eyes, and smiled.

Author: vaysh
Title: Ship to Shore
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: 398 words

Harry had not been with Ginny for nothing. He didn't get the wife and kids everyone had predicted but he got a friend. His best friend, perhaps, and a teacher who had the Bat Bogey Hex down pat.

Nobody in MLE was surprised when in training, Harry attacked with his unsurpassed Bat Bogey. Everybody quickly learned to shield themselves against the hex. Everybody but Malfoy. After months, he still let Harry back him in the corner until Harry got a shot in, and the bloody bats were flapping from Malfoy's nose. Again and again.

Harry was as puzzled as everyone else. Malfoy cast an impeccable Expelliarmus, his Protego was flawless. Why then was he unable to block a harmless hex?

Malfoy didn't like it. After each bat attack, he left as fast as possible, eyes tearing up and scratches all over his face. When Harry later ran into him – in the canteen or the Junior Auror office – Malfoy turned pink as a flamingo and did not meet his eye.

But when Harry stopped using the hex Malfoy didn't like it, either. He came up to Harry after their first Bat Bogey Hex-less fight, hissing, "Don't play nice with me, Potter. I don't need your pity."

Pity was a strange word to use, Harry thought.

Half a year into Auror training Malfoy collapsed on a mission outside of London. He'd been losing weight, looking sickly. Robards had sent him to the Infirmary more than once. But nobody knew what was wrong with him, only that Doc had declared Malfoy fit for action.

Harry visited him at St. Mungo's. They were not exactly friends but – well, you visited your Auror mate after he'd collapsed practically in your arms. Also, there were Malfoy's eyes – yellow, sharp, hawk-like – when he had looked up at Harry moments before he was Apparated into St. Mungo's.

The Welcome Witch sent Harry up to the first floor. "Creature Induced-Injuries" said the sign on the wall. He found Malfoy in the fourth room to the left, blond hair lustreless, white wings hanging limp from his pale back. He moved towards Harry like a ship steers to shore in a storm. His yellow eyes turned grey when he wrapped Harry in his arms.

"Veela don't like the Bat Bogey Hex?" Harry asked, burrowing deeper into the feathery warmth.

"Triggers transformation", Malfoy murmured. "Especially when cast by their mate."

Author: potteresque_ire
Title: The Prat-Potty Hex (All Rights Reserved by D. Malfoy)
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual language
Word Count: 400

"I'll see him."

After all, the walk-in visitor had already shoved aside the folding guest chair, eyed Harry as if they hadn't left the same flat that morning.

Harry locked the door with double charms.

"As an upstanding citizen," Draco drawled, "I feel compelled to alert the law enforcement of new, insuperable magic."

"Talking to me, finally? After I dared to catch Ginny's game on the wireless?"

"Write this down." A quill stabbed on Harry's due-in-an-hour case report. "'The Prat-Potty Hex'."

"Prat-Potty?" Harry mouthed the words over, wary of Draco's infamous rhymes. "…Bat-Bogey." He sighed. "I see."

"Thought you'd appreciate it. Her signature spell, and soon-to-be yours. A match made in pigsty."

"How old are you?"

"Virily young. Aurors worth a salt would inquire about the hex."

"Fine." Harry rubbed his face. "I inquire."

"It turns potties into attacking prats, created to the formidable image of our Star Auror."

"Potty requirements?"




Harry looked up. "The kind that makes wizards cry…"

Draco smirked.

"Hmm." Harry kicked back and twirled his quill. "Cry. Like…Fuck, Harry," he drawled with a moan.

Pink splotches escaped Draco's collar.

"…Harder. More…"

Draco's ears were red; his mouth, a breathless 'o'. "You say those things to a potty?" he mumbled. Finally.

"One wizard does. Next." Harry steeled his voice; some desserts just begged for a dollop of power. "Describe 'the formidable image of our Star Auror'."

"Are you new?" Flobberworms carried more bite. "Shouldn't you examine…"

"Mr Malfoy. I'm asking."

Draco looked about to swoon.

"Sit down."

Draco collapsed into the folding chair.

"What? Nothing?" Harry leaned forward. "Our Star Auror isn't naked, is he?"

A croak.

"That's a 'yes'? So, your hex involves a formidably naked potty attacking... you, for example. Shall we talk about what happens?" Harry's eyes lingered on Draco's jaw, the pert nipples under the silk. "Remember. This goes into Ministry record."

Draco mewed.


Harry soon had a lapful of clothless, boneless Draco.


"What about this." Harry nibbled on Draco's lips. "You get to punish me with a Bat-Bogey." He wrinkled his nose and closed his eyes.

The rumbling congestion didn't come.

"You missed her?"


"Asked what-ifs?"

"Only –" Harry chuckled "– what if I'll need your hex someday."


"Is it true the Aurors captured the intruders at the Ministry's defunct entrance by, um, transfiguring, er…"

"Potties into me?" On the podium, Auror Potter grins. "Yeah."

Author: k8sfic
Title: Almost Lover
Rating: R
Warnings: Infidelity.
Word Count: 394

His life ends with a Bat-Bogey Hex.

Well, no. That isn't entirely true.

See, it ended when Draco Malfoy saved Albus from a bad fall during their Sunday Quidditch match at the Burrow, several years ago after the Malfoys started coming around because somehow James had taken a liking to Scorpius. And even though he'd thought Draco an alright bloke for stepping aside and allowing their boys to be friends if they wished, it had never occurred to him it could be because Draco might genuinely like his family. Enough to save one of them, even.

He'd watched Draco after that, stealing moments he didn't think Draco would realize he was missing. Long fingers straightening his cuff-links with quick, efficient movements. His lips curling, twitching at the corners, torn between a smirk and sincere amusement. Eyelashes fluttering like golden snitches under the sunlight as he stares up at Scorpius, laughing uproariously over James narrowly being hit by the Bludger he'd sent his way—so much so that he's stunned when James hits it right back at him. The pink in Draco's cheekbones as he calls a foul for unnecessary viciousness, and how it's okay that he blatantly favors whichever team Scorpius is on, because no one expects anything less from him.

And then one day—a quiet, ordinary day like any other—Draco notices him, too.

They make no promises. In fact, there's not much beyond fumbling handjobs, zippers biting into flushed skin, office supplies rattling precariously on their shelves. It continues this way for months—this mutual race to completion and fuck the consequences. Paranoia and desperation locked in a constant battle for supremacy.

And then one day—a sweet, lazy day like any other—desperation wins the fight.

Draco tugs him into the bathroom and bends him over the sink, thrusting aggressively, haphazardly along his crack through his trousers, because their kids are laughing, shouting insults as they fly past the window. Draco's forehead rests between his shoulder blades; his hands are gripping the porcelain white-knuckled and his cock bumps painfully against the underside of the counter.

He registers Ginny's pale face in the mirror too late, but the shock, the shame, only gives him the last crucial edge he needs to trigger his orgasm.

Draco tucks himself back in with a grace and arrogance that compounds the cruelty in his polite nod to Ginny before he Disapparates.

Author: kedavranox
Title: The One Where Harry and Draco Run Like Hell
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 400

'I think we've lost them,' Draco says.

Harry nods, hefting the heavy canvas satchel up onto his shoulder.

'What do you think?' he asks. 'Half a million Galleons worth?'

'At least. We must've broken at least a dozen curses on this thing'

'What do you mean "we"?'

Draco moves to shove Harry into the wall, but a curse zips over their heads with a bang, knocking them both to the ground.

Draco tries to push himself off Harry's chest, but he freezes as the tip of a wand presses hard into his spine.

'Give us the gold,' a voice says from behind.

Harry's eyes open wide, and then he nods and it's all Draco needs to understand the plan. He rolls to his left and Harry tosses him the satchel. Harry flicks his wand and the other wizard screams, scratching at his face as several large black bats viciously attack his nose.

Draco pushes himself up off the ground and they bolt, running at breakneck speed through the busy streets of Luxor, dodging bikes and carts and cars as though they were bludgers. Once they're far enough away, they turn into an alleyway and collapse in a panting heap on the floor.

'A Bat-Bogey Hex, Potter?' Draco gasps.

Harry pushes himself up against the wall with a groan. He pulls off his sand scarf, revealing three days' worth of stubble and a wide, toothy grin.

'It was all I could think of,' he pants.

Draco sits up as well and rubs his face with his palms.

'I'm starting to think this bloody thing is more trouble than it's worth,' he says.

'You're the one who said we needed a challenge.'

'Since when do you listen to me?'

Harry turns to face him, leaning his shoulder against the wall. 'Since you were named Gringotts "Cursebreaker of The Year".'

Draco laughs. 'Fuck you.'

'You'd love that.'

'I really would.'

'Kiss me.'

He does, leaning forward and pressing their mouths together, groaning at the touch of Harry's lips, finally after so many days on the run, dodging all the other Cursebreakers vying for the most valuable gold in Egypt.

'You're tired,' Harry says. 'Let me hold it.'

'Absolutely not. You lose everything. Remember―'

Harry silences him with another kiss.

'You owe me so many shags for this,' he says.

Draco grins, resting his forehead against Harry's.

'As soon as we get home, love.'

Author: birdsofshore
Title: An Excerpt from the Report of Auror D. Malfoy
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 391

We apprehended the suspect in Diagon Alley. Auror Potter rashly (and with no reference to Section 17.4 of the Auror Training Manual, which clearly states only Approved Spells are to be used in the field) cast Locomotor Mortis. The suspect dodged, and retaliated with what is known in common parlance as a Bat-Bogey Hex. Auror Potter ducked like the enormous pansy that he is, leaving me wide open to be struck by the full force of this near-lethal extremely dangerous highly debilitating Hex.

I reacted with my usual lightning-fast reflexes, but to no avail. Reports that I flapped about and screeched like a Mandrake are pure fabrication. I don't care what Auror Potter or that crowd of braying, gawping bystanders have to say about it. I merely shouted, in a perfectly manly fashion, to alert other Aurors in the vicinity that we required assistance.

Auror Potter behaved extremely unprofessionally throughout. He laughed like a drain when the first bat emerged. I did squeal a little, but only because my nostrils are exceptionally narrow and delicate. I was not expecting small flying mammals to attempt to exit from them. A lesser man would have fainted with the agony.

It pains me greatly to have to report that Auror Potter selfishly kept the fact that he knew a counter-spell to himself while the bats assaulted me for a good two minutes. He claims to have been unable to speak prior to this, due to being overcome with laughter. I recall that his ex-girlfriend was quite handy with this particular Hex. I can easily imagine a relationship with him would drive anyone to become proficient at it.

Needless to say, the suspect took the chance to Disapparate and, at time of writing, his whereabouts are unknown.

After the incident was over, I presented myself at St. Mungo's for a full-body check-up. This was completely necessary and not, as has been suggested, an attention-seeking overreaction in the slightest. An Auror's body is a precious instrument; some are more precious than others.

I feel confident you will agree Auror Potter needs to be thoroughly disciplined for his actions during this assignment. A firm hand is what is required. Merlin, I'd dearly love to put the bastard over my knee and give him what for. I will, of course, be willing to assist in whatever way necessary.

Author: facecat
Title: Common Ground and Other Inconveniences
Rating: G
Warnings: none, silliness
Word Count: 334

The manor looked stunning. Flower arrangements filled the air with their sweet scents. The banquet tables overflowed with mouth-watering delicacies. The guests mingled congenially and Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy had grudgingly pasted smiles of cooperation on their faces. Everything was perfect. Almost. It seemed the elder Malfoys weren't the only ones less than pleased with the events of the day.

"Has the bleeding stopped yet?"

"I'd be more worried about making it out of here alive, mate."

"It was a rather strong reaction don't you think?"

"Seriously, mate? You really thought you'd get off easily? We had warned you before that she throws a mean hex."

"You seem to always forget she grew up with six brothers."

"Two of which are us."

"Plus your timing was pants."

"Not to mention the subject matter."

"Really. Telling her that it just wasn't going to ever happen between the two of you was one thing. We all pretty much knew it already. She was just waiting for you to do the right thing and actually tell her."

"But waiting to do so on the day of your bonding?"

"To none other than Draco Malfoy?"

"By inviting her here under false pretenses with some cockamamie story?"

"You were just asking for it."

"Is she still out there?"

"Let me check. Oh yeah, speaking with your intended actually. Sharing a good laugh it seems."

"Probably at your expense."

"Ha-ha. Where's Ron? He's the one who's supposed to be calming her down and keeping her otherwise occupied."

"Ron's found the buffet table. Honestly, Harry, you act like you don't know us at all."

"Maybe you could suggest she go home?"

"Maybe you could grow a pair and get on with the show."

"You have to admit though. Our Gin has truly perfected the ol' Bat Bogey."

"The little red bow ties were a nice touch."

"Went well with your suit, Harry, very color-coordinated."

"Just look at this way, mate. You and Malfoy now have one more thing in common."

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